The Gentleman's Sport.

The Basics of Boxing:

Boxing is a fast-paced fighting game for two players in which each player controls a box, as seen below.

The objective of the game is to hit the opponents flat side with one of your corners.

Each box can move left and right, jump, and perform a dash.

walking jumping dashing

The dash can be performed in any cardinal direction, and can be performed on the ground as well
as in the air.

air dashing jump into dash down

In addition, each box can rotate 30 degrees to either side, and can do this while dashing or in the air.
You cannot move normally while rotated.

Advanced Boxing:

The only way to get a kill in Boxing is to touch one of your corners to an opponent, usually by dashing into them or jumping onto them while rotated.

However, if you were to rotate the same way as your opponent, only your sides would be touching, which does not result in a kill. The same goes for touching corners. This is called blocking your opponent, and will cause the attacker to bounce off.

Earning a kill and will require you to outsmart or outmaneuver your opponent to get around their blocks.